How Global warming will Affect our Forests.

Global warming will shift habitat lines causing certain species to die out such as ones that live on mountain tops that won’t be able to  increase their altitude. It will also leave some areas more prone to drought making hard for trees to produce their protective sap to keep infestations of bugs out; in addition to making the area more prone to wildfires.

It is believed that the easy access to carbon may in fact cause the plants to grow quicker and healthier if planted in areas with large amounts of water in nutrient rich soil. This will disrupt the distribution of species.

I think this article brings up some good points and uses good sources, it contains a lot of graphs and charts and is worth reading. It talks about other forest disturbances such as storms and bug infestations.

Source:  EPA


Scotch Broom

Things to know: Scotch broom is labeled as B class noxious weed in Washington state. Is a perennial shrub with many branches, it is 3 to 4 feet high and had flowers the entire length of the branches with very few leaves. And it looks similar to Spanish broom and French broom, 2 A class weeds, and Gorse, a B class weed. The plant spreads by seed in disturbed areas where they can last almost 30 years. The plant is toxic to livestock.

scotch-broom-0099a.jpg (1066×800)The botanical name is Cytisus scopariuscytisus-scoparius-scotch-broom-scots-english-common-RMB_2513-ryanbenoitphoto-thehorticult1.jpg (650×366)


Norway’s Ban on GMo

In 2012 Norway introduced a safety measure that eliminated GMO’s from the food market. Each product is individually tested and approved or disapproved, without substantial evidence to the safety of the product it will be declined. To date no Genetically modified food or food product has been approved by the government. Mattilsynet

One of the Many reasons for this ban has to do with the lack of testing done by the big companies and independent scientist. Most studies only last three months, the minimum length they need for people to believe them. A few years back Seralini, conducted a two year study on rats testing to see if their liver and kineyś toxicity rose if feed round-up ready corn. He found not only did the toxicity levels rise but the rats started getting massive tumors, and at a much younger age than the control group. Seralini

Animal rights: Pets vs. Poultry

Question:  Should animals raised for food be treated different than ones raised as pets?Your answer should be no, would you want your dog to stand ankle deep in it’s own scat? That would be animal abuse, the state would have the right to take your dog away, so why do the animals most people eat on a regular basis get treated this way?

The reason has to do with money, If you can afford to buy the animal you should be able to properly take care of it. Unless you can also afford to keep the government away and everyone quiet. Then it won’t matter what you do. Your average citizen in 2014 made around $52,000 per year according to The U.S. Census Bureau, the fine for the average citizen is $22,000 and 2 years in jail, for a corporation the fine is $110,000 and the person in charge of the farm get a 2 year sentence.

What qualifies as animal abuse? Well a lot of things actually, anything from lack of food, to being forced to fight. Anything that would make the animal uncomfortable, sick, or injured.

So why is this important? It is important because when a disease breaks out in a feedlot it can spread quickly from animal to animal. This makes it more likely to get into the food you eat. Slaughterhouses run by big agriculture businesses kill hundreds of cows a day, they don’t have time to check all the meat, and personally they don’t care if you get sick or not from it, their goal is to kill and disassemble as many animals as possible. So when disease breaks out the big corporations with the large slaughterhouses pay the government to attack the small farmers.

The fight against GMOs

For years now people have been fighting against GMOs. But what even is a GMO? Well a GMO is a genetically modified organism, The 3 types of natural modification are: OP, open-pollinated; Heirloom, a open-pollinated seed that has been passed down for 60 years; and Hybrids, 2 parents of the same species that are cross pollinated. The health effects are easier to test in these 3 as they are all crosses that will occur in nature and their is only so many ways genes can connect within a race. These are plants that will be safest to consume and have an easier time surviving without human interaction.

All big companies that own the GMO seeds keep their mouth shut to what is in their products and how they affect our bodies, they will go as far as producing fake studies, breaking the law, and suing independent studies the speak against their products. And it is these same companies that own the pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides that have created mutations in the very things they are meant to kill, some now even survive off  of.