The fight against GMOs

For years now people have been fighting against GMOs. But what even is a GMO? Well a GMO is a genetically modified organism, The 3 types of natural modification are: OP, open-pollinated; Heirloom, a open-pollinated seed that has been passed down for 60 years; and Hybrids, 2 parents of the same species that are cross pollinated. The health effects are easier to test in these 3 as they are all crosses that will occur in nature and their is only so many ways genes can connect within a race. These are plants that will be safest to consume and have an easier time surviving without human interaction.

All big companies that own the GMO seeds keep their mouth shut to what is in their products and how they affect our bodies, they will go as far as producing fake studies, breaking the law, and suing independent studies the speak against their products. And it is these same companies that own the pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides that have created mutations in the very things they are meant to kill, some now even survive off  of.